Posted by Brian @ 9:42 am on March 19th 2006

H&E under Linux

Running Heaven & Earth (a Traveller star system generator) under WINE in Ubuntu Linux 5.04

Heaven & Earth “generates extended World Details for Worlds, Satellites, Systems and Sectors as per the rules detailed in the Classic Traveller Scouts sourcebook, Megatraveller World Builders Handbook, New Era World Tamer’s Handbook and GURPS First In sourcebook. Sector, System and World Maps can also be generated.” It’s a massive time saver for the Traveller/Firefly campaign I’m GM’ing. Unfortunately development halted back in January of 2001. Too bad it isn’t open source!! About a year ago I tried to get it working under WINE and Mandrake 10.1 but failed. This time around I got it to work. Here’s how: I’m using Wine 20050310. Your mileage may vary. Make sure you’ve got WINE installed (apt-get install wine or use synaptic). Download the “beta” 1.08 version. The stable 1.04 release works too, but 1.08 has better features. Install Mozilla for Windows (I used 1.7.7) Install the ActiveX control for Mozilla Install Microsoft’s DCOM98.EXE. First download it from Microsoft.
Use this syntax to install it:
wine WINEDLLOVERRIDES=”ole32, oleaut32, rpcrt4=n” wine DCOM98.EXE
Unzip Heaven & Earth, change to the directory you’ve unzipped and run:
wine SETUP.EXE Change over to the installed directory (.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Heaven & Earth/) and run:
wine regsvr32 TwistedPixel.ocx
(per the H&E Readme) Unzip in the Heaven & Earth directory into .wine/drive_c/windows/system Download the Visual Basic 6.0 runtimes from Microsoft (about 255k in a zipfile) and unzip them to your .wine/drive_c/windows/system directory Now you can start Heaven and Earth with:
WINEDLLOVERRIDES=”ole32, oleaut32, rpcrt4=n” wine Heaven\ \&\ Earth.exe That’s it.

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