Posted by Brian @ 9:40 am on March 19th 2006

Evolution Tips

Evolution Tips

Customizing keys. Buried in the wrong location are the XML files Evolution uses for mapping keystrokes. This is a sheer stroke of stupidity, and it’s a shame because it’s quite easy to change around the key mapping for all the shortcuts. Note to Evolution developers – we have standards for a reason, folks. Configuration files should be stored in /etc. Instead, the Evoltuion devs decided to locate them in /usr/share/evolution/2.6/ui/ (substitute 2.6 for the version you’re using)

The files that I’ve edited a lot are evolution-mail-message.xml and evolution-mail-list.xml. In order to see the changes you need to restart Evolution.

Setting the default browser. There isn’t a way within evolution to set the default browser. Supposedly this is controlled from Gnome. gnome-control-center only allows you to choose the http, not the https browser, and I found its current implementation wasn’t taking my choices anyway. To set the default browser for evolution (and all gnome apps) simply run gconf-editor from the command prompt and select desktop –> gnome –> url-handlers and set the http and https strings to your liking.

Syncronizing with a Palm Tungsten|T3. Make sure evolution-conduts are installed. Make sure the gpilotd daemon is running.

Strange slowing problems. I get a lot of mail. I find that I have to periodically move email out of my main folders into an archive or evolution begins to slow and stop for a couple of seconds at random intervals.

Spamassassin settings. Make sure the spamd daemon is running. In evolution go to Filters –> New Filter. Add a single If: (Pipe message to shell command) spamassassin -P -e > /dev/null (returns greater than) 0 Now add two Thens: Move to Folder (choose a spam folder) and (stop processing). Put this filter rule below any special filters you have. Spamassassin should be the last one. Remember to train spamassassin on spam and ham. The more you train, the better it performs. It took me about two or three weeks of doing this before it started working right. Now I get very, very few spams that aren’t caught.
For spam use: sa-learn –showdots –mbox –spam /path/to/spam/mbox
For ham use: sa-learn –showdots –mbox –ham /path/to/ham/mbox

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