Posted by Brian @ 1:07 pm on June 20th 2009

FooBar industries

Spotted on the garden train tour

Posted by Brian @ 10:45 pm on April 21st 2009

My cat seems to have had a bad day

Posted by Brian @ 1:26 pm on March 7th 2009

Howto escalate a comcast call

I’ve been having intermittent issues with my comcast setup, mostly doing netflix instant viewing. I called in today and quickly became frustrated with the run around. After I politely asked to be connected to billing to cancel my account (and sitting on hold for 10m) my issue was magically escalated.

Posted by Brian @ 11:53 pm on November 5th 2008

Can watching a movie make a difference?

If you’re in Portland the weekend of 11/14, the answer is yes.

I saw a film called FUEL last week and it moved me, it inspired me, it gave me hope for the future. Now I’m reaching out and asking you to go see FUEL the weekend of 11/14.

Why will this make a difference? The world premiere of FUEL is in Portland, and /only/ Portland on November 14th. If we can pack the house on the opening weekend, theater owners will pick up this film and millions will see it. Just by watching a movie you can make this happen.

For once, it is up to us. /You/ can make a difference, and see a great film at the same time. There may never be another chance to have such a gigantic impact for the price of one movie ticket.

So I’m asking you to join me sometime over the weekend of 11/14 to see the film, to tell your friends, neighbors and everyone you know about it. Let’s pack the house!

I hope to see you there.

More about FUEL here:
Opens 11/14 at the Regal Fox Tower Stadium 10

Full disclosure: my company created the website for the movie, but I am posting this because I really loved the film and I believe you will too.

FUEL premiere

Posted by Brian @ 10:39 pm on September 14th 2008


Randall invited us to see the annual migration of the swifts on Friday. The sky was filled with thousands of diving, spiraling, swirling swifts — literally a churning tornado of black wings.

We’re going back — only this time with a big poce of cardboard so Xander, Sofia and I can sled down the steep grass banks before the swifts arrive.

Posted by Brian @ 6:49 am on September 2nd 2008


Here’s a quick photo from budapest!

Posted by Brian @ 5:45 am on August 31st 2008

News flash: Boromir not dead

Apparently he just decided to open a chain of pastry shops in Romania.

Posted by Brian @ 5:29 am on August 29th 2008

Stange snacks in Szeged

Saw these amusing treats at a pastry shop in Szeged last night.

Posted by Brian @ 3:36 pm on August 28th 2008

Another picture for my son

This is a hungarian streetcar!

Posted by Brian @ 2:48 pm on August 26th 2008

Hungary first impressions

Judging solely from the airport Hungary has not come nearly as far as the Czech Republic post-EU integration. But there is a good energy here and a positive spirit unlike my last visit to East Europe.

Budapest’s airport reminds me of the last time I was in Prague (which was before the wall came down). Okay, BUD is way more modern and plastered with ads from Ford and Tmobile. But it has a quaint, small city kind of feeling to it. I was hoping Hungary would be cheaper than the rest of the EU but a half liter bottle of water just cost me $2.50. Maybe absurdly high prices for water in airports are simply a planet-wide phenomenon.

I was psyched to find a free wifi hotspot on the lower level in terminal 2a but it stopped working for me after 5 minutes; just enough time to dash off a quick VoIP call home with my Iphone using Truphone, which works great. Oh well.

Taking off from Prague we had a groovy full power run up with the brakes on and flaps at 100%. Not surprising given the plane was packed and it was summertime.

I snapped this picture for Alexander of a neat shuttle bus at Budapest airport.
cool shuttle

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