Posted by Brian @ 7:04 pm on January 22nd 2011

Bad doggie

Posted by Brian @ 6:45 pm on January 22nd 2011

Unexpected sight on the road

Driving in heavy rain the other day I did a double take as I saw this emerge from the mist.

Posted by Brian @ 11:23 pm on January 6th 2011

How to make Firefox stop asking if you want to open a .zip file and always save

This message in Firefox used to pop up every time I clicked on a zip file.

You have chosen to open
Which is a: BIN file

Firefox 3.x, for whatever reason, greyed out the option for me to tell it not to keep asking me if I wanted to unzip the file, and I’d have to click the “save to file” option every time.

Tired of trying to figure out how to ungrey the greyed-out button, I looked for another solution. I found one in /etc/mime.types, which Firefox, among other things, uses to determine what to do with a file.

sudo vi /etc/mime.types
look for this line:
application/zip zip
change it to:
#application/zip zip

You don’t even need to restart Firefox. Firefox will now just prompt you to save the zip file /only/.