Posted by Brian @ 9:43 am on November 15th 2008

FUEL premiere sells out!

Here’s director Josh Tickell at the regal fox tower last night.

Posted by Brian @ 11:53 pm on November 5th 2008

Can watching a movie make a difference?

If you’re in Portland the weekend of 11/14, the answer is yes.

I saw a film called FUEL last week and it moved me, it inspired me, it gave me hope for the future. Now I’m reaching out and asking you to go see FUEL the weekend of 11/14.

Why will this make a difference? The world premiere of FUEL is in Portland, and /only/ Portland on November 14th. If we can pack the house on the opening weekend, theater owners will pick up this film and millions will see it. Just by watching a movie you can make this happen.

For once, it is up to us. /You/ can make a difference, and see a great film at the same time. There may never be another chance to have such a gigantic impact for the price of one movie ticket.

So I’m asking you to join me sometime over the weekend of 11/14 to see the film, to tell your friends, neighbors and everyone you know about it. Let’s pack the house!

I hope to see you there.

More about FUEL here:
Opens 11/14 at the Regal Fox Tower Stadium 10

Full disclosure: my company created the website for the movie, but I am posting this because I really loved the film and I believe you will too.

FUEL premiere