Posted by Brian @ 5:45 am on August 31st 2008

News flash: Boromir not dead

Apparently he just decided to open a chain of pastry shops in Romania.

Posted by Brian @ 5:29 am on August 29th 2008

Stange snacks in Szeged

Saw these amusing treats at a pastry shop in Szeged last night.

Posted by Brian @ 5:21 am on August 29th 2008

Iphone geolocation in hungary

Geography may not be my strong suit but geolocation in Hungary on my iPhone seems a little off. The iPhone believes I an on Liverpool.

Posted by Brian @ 3:51 pm on August 28th 2008

Pretty stoked on iphone wordpress app

I had a little snag with an “invalid post id mismatch” but once I erased the messed up post in my iphone everything worked fine. Seems that the app sent the post to my server but wasn’t able to update itself.

Posted by Brian @ 3:36 pm on August 28th 2008

Another picture for my son

This is a hungarian streetcar!

Posted by Brian @ 2:48 pm on August 26th 2008

Hungary first impressions

Judging solely from the airport Hungary has not come nearly as far as the Czech Republic post-EU integration. But there is a good energy here and a positive spirit unlike my last visit to East Europe.

Budapest’s airport reminds me of the last time I was in Prague (which was before the wall came down). Okay, BUD is way more modern and plastered with ads from Ford and Tmobile. But it has a quaint, small city kind of feeling to it. I was hoping Hungary would be cheaper than the rest of the EU but a half liter bottle of water just cost me $2.50. Maybe absurdly high prices for water in airports are simply a planet-wide phenomenon.

I was psyched to find a free wifi hotspot on the lower level in terminal 2a but it stopped working for me after 5 minutes; just enough time to dash off a quick VoIP call home with my Iphone using Truphone, which works great. Oh well.

Taking off from Prague we had a groovy full power run up with the brakes on and flaps at 100%. Not surprising given the plane was packed and it was summertime.

I snapped this picture for Alexander of a neat shuttle bus at Budapest airport.
cool shuttle

Posted by Brian @ 1:41 am on August 23rd 2008

Fixed iphone wordpress app crash

My theme, indexnet 1.0, was displaying non-UTF8 characters in the index.php file, specifically the offending characters are next to the next page and previous page. Posted from the iPhone wordpress app!