Posted by Brian @ 7:15 pm on February 1st 2008

Focus the Nation 2008 Teach-in Day

I had the honor to speak about biodiesel on a panel at LEP High for the Focus the Nation Teach-in Day. The students had excellent questions, and I was really impressed by the experts on the panel from diverse backgrounds in sustainability, carbon offsets, environmental justice, wind power, salmon protection, forest preservation. I was able to duck into a classroom before my panel and hear a spirited discussion going on about global warming and greenhouse gases.

I also got a taste of what’s in store for my presentation for Tuesday’s Ignite Portland, in which I have a whopping 25% more time than I did on the Teach-in panel… 5 minutes compared to 4! It was a real challenge to compress what is normally a 45 minute talk down to 5 minutes. I love the format for the show, and I can hardly wait for the event.

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