Posted by Brian @ 11:47 am on June 4th 2006

Why do free email providers continue to allow spam?

I only get the occasional spam thanks to Kris’ help properly configuring my mailserver. I was just reviewing spam I’ve collected over the last two years and adjusting my filters when I noticed a disproportionate amount comes from the well-known free webmail providers.
Yahoo tops the list with Hotmail and even Gmail weighing in quite a number of spams. The Italian ISP Virgilio also has an extraordinarily large number of spams hitting my mailbox. According to the headers, all that mail is actually originating from these domains – they weren’t spoofed.

All of the above prohibit the sending of spam and have the resources to halt outgoing UCE rapidly. It wouldn’t be hard to shut down or heavily throttle back an account if it exceeded a certain number of emails per minute until an admin could see if the outgoing stream was legit.

None of us should be getting a single spam from these guys. What’s the deal?